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Precision Machining

Bringing your solid metal part to life, with the precision, accuracy, and consistency you need from your machining partner. 


CNC Milling (with 5 axis capabilities)

We achieve precise tolerances and consistency for your parts using a state-of-the-art HAAS 3-axis and 5-axis mills, precision workholding, and skilled CAM engineering.  With varying machine sizes, we are able to fixture a single larger part or many smaller parts to keep our machining time efficient and your costs low. 

  • Maximum 3-axis capacity is 50in x 20in

  • Maximum 5-axis capacity is 30in x 30in

For the very complex parts, we utilize our 5-axis HAAS milling machines to do 3+2 or fully 5-axis parts for complex contours, or to run mutli-setup parts with less setups resulting in faster turn times, higher quality, and lower prices. 

Our HAAS UMC 1250 handles 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining of large parts with high complexity.


CNC Turning (with live tooling)

Concentric parts will typically be run on our precision single and dual spindle CNC lathes for the most efficient and accurate machining.  With a CAM engineer at the helm, driving the 8.3" chuck and the 4th axis live tooling and hydraulic tail stock or subspindle, there's very little we're unable to turn efficiently and accurately.

For larger volume runs, our automatic bar feeders allow us to run up to 2.5" diameter parts lights out.  This allows us to maximize machining time which means shorter lead times and lower prices for our customers. 


Quality Inspection

Accurate parts, on-time. 

Parts are inspected iwith state-of-the-art calibrated digital inspection tools and gages to ensure that the parts are 100% to spec every time.  Any quality defect will result in immediate quarantine and full assessment of the process to ensure the right parts get to the customer on-time, but also the changes to the process gets documented and repeated for continuous improvement. 

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