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One of the most important parts of the process, our goal is to make sure your parts are exactly the finish you're looking for and are stunning right out of the box.


Powder coating

Powder coating is a process that adheres powder to a conductive material (metals) and bakes on a durable finish that resembles painting. This alternative to paint is more durable and scratch resistant, and available in a VERY wide range of colors and textures to meet your needs.  


- 6x6x12' Powder Coating Oven 



Our team of skilled craftsmen use their arsenal of sanding wheels, grinding wheels, polishing pads, and brushes to put that perfect finish on your parts as needed.

For weld marks we employ our electropolishing machine which uses acid and electricity to polish the heat marks out of the welds and restores that perfect stainless, steel, or aluminum finish around the weld.



In order to make sure the parts are not sharp and are burr free after initial processing, throughout our process, and when delivering to you, we use a series of deburring tools, discs, and wheels to make sure the edges are safe but accurate.  We are able to accommodate any special requests regarding deburring and part post processing.



We take great care in the final step of our process to ensure that the parts are properly protected and packaged to withstand the transportation process to get to your dock or door.  Our team will use a unique approach per part to ensure the corners and any critical areas are especially protected.  Then each part will be labeled and prepared for shipment. 

We offer local delivery service as well as pallet shipping, box shipping, and local pickup options.

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