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Engineering & Quality

CAD design and modeling of your project by seasoned mechanical engineers and designers. 


FEA Analysis

Any part that might see mechanical stresses and is in CAD can be run through a finite element analysis (FEA) to understand where the theoretical stresses are and the potential mechanical failure points of the part that's been designed before it's even built! This allows much faster iterations of designs which means bringing your product to market faster and with more confidence.


Reverse Engineering

Bringing a physical product into CAD requires not only sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) software but also in depth knowledge of manufacturing.  At Yeager Manufacturing, our engineers work hand-in-hand with operations to consistently get feedback on design for manufacturing (DFM).  Therefore when they sit down at the helm of reverse engineering your product, they already are bringing DFM knowledge to effectively create a CAD model and mechanical drawings that are easy to understand and follow.


Quality Inspection

Accurate parts, on-time.  Parts are inspected with state-of-the-art calibrated digital inspection tools and gages to ensure that the parts are 100% to spec every time.  Any quality defect will result in immediate quarantine and full assessment of the process to ensure the right parts get to the customer on-time, but also the changes to the process gets documented and repeated for continuous improvement. 

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